What Does the Future Hold for Cryptocurrencies in 2022?

What does the future hold for cryptocurrencies in 2022

2021 was a great year for cryptocurrencies. The global crypto adoption increased nearly 10 times this year, with governments globally becoming more accommodating and generous towards accepting cryptocurrencies as a mainstream mode for payments. The talks of regulating cryptocurrencies were one of the highlights of the year. NFTs were another major talked-about topic in the crypto community in 2021.

Now that we have entered 2022, everyone seems to be wondering about the future of cryptocurrencies in the new year. And as difficult as it is to predict the future, we can only hope for better things for the crypto community and investors in 2022.

The future of cryptocurrency in 2022

In 2022, regulation of crypto, stable coins, NFTs, increasing usability for crypto, and better investing options are expected to be some of the hottest topics in the crypto community.

The need for regulation

Contrary to popular belief in the crypto space, cryptocurrencies are actually open to regulation and might even do better under certain regulations that aim to protect investors’ interests and control the volatility of cryptocurrencies. The efforts to regulate cryptocurrencies started in the last couple of years will likely get a boost this year, and more countries will take steps to regulate digital currencies such that they can positively benefit the economy and people without all the side effects.

The growing adoption of stablecoins

Stable coins such as USDT present a low-risk, low-volatility alternative to mainstream cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and ETH. Therefore, they are suitable for investors having a low-risk appetite. Also, because the values of stable coins are linked with real, stable assets, they are more likely to be preferred by governments and authorities as compared to volatile coins with no regulation. More people are expected to adopt stablecoins both as a way to leverage cryptocurrency benefits and reduce risk.

In addition to stable coins, people also showed great interest in buying and owning NFTs, which refer to non-fungible tokens, digital tokens built on blockchain and used to store the ownership info of valuable/rare digital artwork and similar entities.

Crypto usability will increase

As the demand for cryptocurrencies is increasing, more new coins are being introduced in the market. Each new coin promises better features and usability than the older coins. As this trend continues, 2022 can witness some really valuable and genuine cryptocurrencies, which will further boost adoption and usability.

Cryptocurrency’s use as a means for digital payments will continue and likely increase thanks to innovative projects like the Libra Coin that offers a low-cost and highly secure method of payments for e-commerce transactions.

Investing will get more innovative and accessible

In 2022, more people, especially retail investors, participated in crypto trading and millions of new people joined the industry. This was made possible because of the ease of accessibility and low-cost trading options provided by new-gen exchanges. Thanks to a variety of new options, including mobile apps to invest in cryptocurrencies, people practically anywhere in the world can seamlessly join the innovation and become a part of the ever-growing crypto world.

In the ongoing year, we can expect to see many new innovations in this space, with crypto startups and companies likely to come up with new ideas for investors to earn with cryptocurrencies.

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