Where to Invest – Libra Coin or Gold?

Libracoin vs Gold

For retail investors and traditional investors, gold continues to remain an attractive asset class, where they can invest to safeguard their money against market ups and downs. Gold is a relatively stable asset type, especially when compared to cryptocurrencies, which are known to have high price volatility. If you are confused about whether to invest in gold or modern cryptocurrencies like the Libra Coin, it will depend on a number of things, including your risk tolerance, investment goals, time period, etc.

Let’s discuss why or if Libra Coin is a better investment than gold.

Why Do People Invest in Gold?

For people who invest in gold, there can be a number of reasons. Some do it as a hedge against inflation, as it is well known that gold prices move against the market price. Many others invest in gold because of its global value and standard. There are also people who buy gold in the form of jewellery and coins because of their sentimental value.

Even though gold has somewhat lost its shine in the past couple of years, mainly because of the rise and convenience of digital assets, this doesn’t mean people do not buy gold anymore. In fact, gold is still one of the best stores of value for millions of people globally. And since gold is a global standard asset, it can be seamlessly purchased and sold anywhere in the world. It is easy to move, distribute and has decent liquidity, although it’s not very easy to sell in case of emergencies.

In the past few years, there has also been a significant increase in the number of people buying and trading gold digitally. Digital Gold removes the inconvenience of storing and moving gold physically. It is as easy and convenient to buy as cryptocurrencies, however, the fees and taxes associated with gold trading may significantly reduce the traders’ profits. Also, gold is a relatively stable entity and the price will not increase a lot in a short period, so if you are looking to make good profits in the short term, gold may not be the best investment option for you.

Why Should People Invest in Libra Coin?

Libra Coin is a cryptocurrency based on the Binance Smart Chain (blockchain network). It can be purchased directly from the official website as well as from a number of top exchanges, including XT.com. You can also sell your Libra Coin quickly with instant transfer on the same exchange. So, it offers higher liquidity than gold. More importantly, Libra Coin is an asset of the future. The coin price has already increased by more than 100% since its launch a year back, while the price of gold has only increased by about 9-10% during the period. So, if you are looking for higher profits, Libra Coin is certainly the best choice for you.

And that’s not all. Libra Coin also grants its holders access to the multidimensional Libra Ecosystem, which is an e-commerce platform with many advanced features including a global payment system backed by cryptocurrencies.

To sum up, Libra Coin comes up as a winner in almost all aspects of investing. It is easy and convenient to buy and trade. You can buy Libra Coin from literally anywhere in the world and transfer it easily. And now, you can also use your Libra Coin to buy/sell across a number of popular e-commerce platforms. In terms of returns also, Libra Coin beats gold and all other traditional assets by a significant margin.

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