Libra Coin to list in a major Crypto Exchange on 20th July 2021

LibraCoin to List in a Major Crypto Exchange

We are excited to announce that the Libra Coin is all set to be listed on a major cryptocurrency exchange on 20th July, 2021. The name of the exchange will be revealed soon on our official social media channels. So, please join our Telegram Group to stay updated.

What we know so far

  • The listing will take place on 20.07.2021
  • It will be a major INTERNATIONAL exchange
  • It’s a centralized crypto exchange
  • The exchange name will be revealed a few days before the listing
  • LC/USDT trading will start from day 1
  • Expected listing price: $0.50 per LC

All you need to know about the upcoming Libra Coin Listing on Top Exchange

Listening to the requests of our premium token holders and investors and to give you more venues to invest and trade your coins, we have decided to list our coin (Libra Coin) on a major international exchange, with a trading volume of more than 50k BTC in 24 hours. The listing will take place on Tuesday, 20th July 2021, post which all users will be able to buy & sell the Libra Coin by creating an account on the exchange.

Through months of research and hard work, we have finally found a crypto exchange that will not only give our audience a global platform to trade their favorite coins but also it matches our ideology of secure and unprecedented trading access to millennials.

The name of the EXCHANGE will be revealed in the coming days, and users are requested to stay tuned to our official social media channels for updates.

For now, we already know that it will be a major and reputable global centralized crypto exchange, with an average daily trade volume of more than 50k BTC. Libra Coin will be listed for trading against major cryptocurrencies. In most countries, users will be able to purchase the Libra Coin using USDT or Tether cryptocurrency.

More updates about the listing price, pairs, deposit & withdrawal, and trading will be announced in the coming days on the Libra Coin Telegram, Twitter and other social channels.

Libra Coin Listing Price: What to expect?

At the time of writing this, the Libra Coin price is around $0.40 against the ICO price of $0.35. We expect a $0.50 listing price on the exchange.

Also, the Libra Coin is already listed on the Vindax exchange for trading against ETH and other Ethereum-based coins. If you don’t want to wait for 20th July, you can go to Vindax exchange to buy the Libra Coin. Later, you can easily transfer your LC from Vindax to the new exchange.

For crypto traders in India who are eagerly waiting for the Libra Coin to list on an Indian exchange, we have some good news. We are negotiating with a leading crypto exchange in India for the listing of Libra Coin. If listed, the coin will be live for trading soon, and more Indian crypto investors will be able to buy our next-gen cryptocurrency using their local fiat currencies.

We at Libra are always committed to providing the best services and products to all our customers. We graciously listen to your feedback and requests and build advanced solutions and products to meet your needs. In the Libra Whitepaper, you can read about our future plans and the long line of products that we intend to build and launch in the due course. These include LC Pay Wallet, our own decentralized exchange (DEX), and a fully blockchain-based e-commerce platform. Our products will help boost the demand and value of the Libra Coin, which will help our investors and holders get more profits out of their holdings.

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In other news, the Libra Ecosystem Airdrop program is live now. Join today to win free LC worth $75,000.

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