Libra Marketplace – All You Need to Know

Libra Marketplace

Libra is a futuristic cryptocurrency project that aims to revolutionise the way the e-commerce industry works. Libra is not just a digital payment system but it’s a comprehensive ecosystem made for businesses, investors, consumers and everyone else in the e-commerce space. The Libra Marketplace is a crucial part of the Libra Ecosystem and will allow Libra users to buy/sell their products and services conveniently and securely on a decentralized e-commerce platform. Here’s everything you need to know about the Libra Marketplace, including the expected launch date.

What is the Libra Marketplace?

The Libra Marketplace is a combination of a multidimensional e-commerce system and an all-inclusive financial services app that offer a large variety of digital services to consumers with the convenience of secure & low-cost digital, cross-border payments using cryptocurrencies.

The Libra marketplace is unlike any traditional marketplace, as it offers ample security and many great features, including the ability to use cryptocurrencies for payments. Moreover, the Libra marketplace can be readily integrated into existing businesses and systems to allow merchants to digitize their businesses as well as expand to many more locations.

The two core components of the Libra Marketplace include LC Money and Libra E-commerce.

LC Money

LC Money is a financial services mobile app by the Libra Ecosystem that offers a new, exciting world of finance to users. As a comprehensive financial services system, the LC Money app will offer a range of financial services like money transfer, cash deposit, cash withdrawal, insurance, investment, loan, recharge, bookings, bill payments, and more to the users.

Our targeted audience includes over 500 million people in developing countries like India, including those with limited access to banking and other basic financial services.

Not only does the LC Money app ensure that people in all rural and urban locations get convenient access to various financial services like money transfer and cash withdrawal but also it makes sure that people can use cryptocurrencies for easy, quick & secure online payments.

Libra will utilise a network of offline retailers acquired through Corporate tie-ups to expand its reach and make the platform’s services available to people in all corners of the world.

Libra E-commerce

The Libra e-commerce will be a first-of-its-kind online shopping (e-commerce) marketplace that will not only allow local retailers and dealers to list and sell their products/services online to a global audience but also lets customers buy their favourite products or services from verified sellers with the convenience of secure, cross-border payments in cryptocurrencies.

Libra is going to launch a very secure, dedicated online shopping portal, which will also be available in the form of a mobile app. It can be accessed and used by practically anyone in the world to convenient buy and sell products/services online and use cryptocurrencies like ETH and the Libra coin for secure cross-border payments.

Both the LC Money app and the Libra e-commerce platform are currently under development and are expected to be launched by the end of 2021. Keep visiting this space or subscribe to our social media channels for the latest updates.

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