Libra Joins Hands with Indian Blockchain Institute for Blockchain Education & Development in India

Libra Joins Hands with Indian Blockchain Institute

Libra Ecosystem, an innovative crypto project for the e-commerce industry, is collaborating with the Indian Blockchain Institute. “Together, we intend to build an institution to teach Blockchain in India as well as to train a new workforce of growth leaders who will use blockchain technology to develop new opportunities, including job offers, for the coming generation,” said Libra Ecosystem CEO during the announcement.

Libra is a team of blockchain enthusiasts and leaders working to build a first-of-its-kind blockchain system for the e-commerce industry. From e-commerce operators to startups, sellers, dealers, and buyers, everyone stands to benefits from the Libra Ecosystem.

The Libra Ecosystem intends to solve the various core problems of the e-commerce industry, including but not limited to, lack of transparency, limited payment options, slow and costly global payments, complex supply chain, increasing competition, among others.

The Libra ecosystem is a blockchain-powered e-commerce marketplace that offers built-in tools and resources for startups to seek and manage investment, operators to grow their businesses, and sellers and buyers to use a cryptocurrency-based global payment system.

Libra Ecosystem is powered by the Libra Coin, which is a digital payment system based on blockchain technology. Using Libra coin, e-commerce sellers can accept easy and quick payments from their global customers. Payments using the Libra coin are fast and performed at a very low fee per transaction.

Libra coin is based on the highly advanced Binance Smart Chain (BSC), which is more than 4 times efficient as compared to the Ethereum blockchain in terms of transaction speed and processing time. BSC is also compatible with ERC20 and other top blockchains, which means the Libra coin can be seamlessly traded with many other digital currencies.

About Indian Blockchain Institute (IBI)

Indian Blockchain Institute is a premier institute for blockchain education and training in India. The Pune-based Institute provides industry-level training and practical blockchain education for enterprises and academics. It offers services and resources for organisations to provide blockchain training to their employees and upgrade their skills to meet the increasing demand for blockchain talents.

Libra Partnership with Indian Blockchain Institute

Libra Ecosystem is a project that was created for the benefit of small businesses in developing nations like India. By partnering with the Indian blockchain Institute, Libra intends to make blockchain technology more accessible to masses across the country, especially in remote areas. At the same time, they plan to spread genuine blockchain information and education to youths in India by establishing a dedicated institute for blockchain learning.

The said partnership between Libra – a fast-growing blockchain company – and the Indian Blockchain Institute will benefit individuals and investors alike. Individuals looking for better career options in India or planning to learn blockchain skills to up their careers will get support from a renowned institution to not only learn the concepts of blockchain but also will get access to the Libra ecosystem to apply their learnings by developing next-gen blockchain applications on the open platform.

At the same time, the partnership with the Institute will benefit Libra by providing the necessary support for future developments. The Indian institute will provide support in terms of research and resources for future developments of Libra projects.

You can find out more information about the Libra Ecosystem, Libra coin and upcoming Libra projects on the official website

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