Libra Featured Products and Use Cases

Libra Featured Products and Use Cases

Libra is a blockchain ecosystem for e-commerce and a global digital payment system. The world’s fastest-growing blockchain e-commerce platform, Libra, is all set to introduce a number of next-gen business & e-commerce solutions, including tools for fast and low-cost decentralized payments.

Before we talk about the features products of Libra, let’s get to know more about the Libra Ecosystem.

What is Libra project?

The Libra project was started a couple of years ago by a team of blockchain enthusiasts & businessmen who wanted to build a platform to solve the different problems of the traditional e-commerce industry.

Libra provides a set of tools, including a blockchain-based payment system, to help businesses, dealers, vendors and users in the e-commerce space. Using Libra coin, users can pay for their online shopping orders with cryptocurrency in a fast and low-cost manner to any online merchant around the world.

Libra platform is designed such that it can be readily integrated into any existing eCommerce systems to enable online businesses to conveniently accept quick & low-cost cross-border payments from their global customers with the security of blockchain.

Libra Features Products & Use Cases

Libra is working on and will systematically release a number of high-end, featured products in the niches ranging from digital payments to money transfer, online shopping, investment, and more. Some of the upcoming Libra Products and their use case are as follows:

Libra Pay

Libra Pay is a digital payment system backed by the Libra Coin and allowing users to send/receive crypto using a dedicated app on their smartphones.

Possible use cases include fast digital payments, money transfers, merchant payments, online shopping, and more.

Libra Exchange

Libra will also launch a crypto to fiat exchange that will allow users to easily turn their cryptocurrencies in quick cash as well as buy top cryptocurrencies using fiat currencies.

Use cases include mass adoption of cryptocurrencies and enable people in remote areas to buy Bitcoin with fiat currencies.

Libra Marketplace

Libra is working on and will soon launch a comprehensive financial services system, aimed at providing a range of financial services and solutions, including banking, fund transfer, deposits, investments, etc. to millions of people, especially those with limited access to traditional financial services.

In addition, the Libra e-commerce marketplace will be introduced with the goal to connect global merchants, dealers and customers on a convenient and secure, blockchain-based marketplace with the ability to buy and sell products/services using cryptocurrencies.

Libra ATM

Libra ATM is a mini ATM machine created with the purpose to make it easy for users to withdraw fast cash anywhere in the world through our network of thousands of merchants and retailers located all over the world.

Users will even be able to withdraw cash using their app through the Libra ATM.

Libra Card

Libra Card is a digital payment card linked with your Libra wallet account and usable for payments across any offline/online merchants in the world.

Libra PoS

Libra is also working to build a Point of Sale (PoS) system, which is a machine to allow merchants to accept quick and convenient payments using cards and the Libra app from customers in physical stores.

Other Libra Apps & Products

In addition, Libra will continue to build other apps and products for the betterment of the e-commerce industry as well as allows third-party builders and institutions to build their own decentralized products on Libra’s public blockchain system.

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