Libra Exchange and Libra E-commerce Coming Soon: Here’s All You Need to Know

Libra Exchange and Libra Ecommerce Coming Soon

Libra is a multidimensional blockchain ecosystem for e-commerce businesses. The platform will create and launch a variety of advanced applications, products and solutions for the benefit of people in the e-commerce space. As an open-source blockchain software, it will also allow third-party developers and companies to build & launch their own decentralized products on the Libra blockchain.

In the series of Libra’s next-gen e-commerce solutions, the upcoming products include the Libra Exchange and the Libra E-commerce. In this article, you’ll find details about these upcoming Libra products, what to expect from them and when they will be launched.

The Libra Exchange

Libra will soon launch a crypto to fiat exchange, allowing more and more people to join the crypto revolution, i.e. buy and sell cryptocurrencies using fiat currencies such as dollar and INR.

It will be a regular centralized exchange but with the highest security standards and the lowest transaction cost. Libra will be using some of the blockchain features, such as encryption and peer-to-peer trading facility to ensure a smooth and very secure experience for its exchange users.

For the users of the Libra Coin, the trade fee will be lower than normal.

In the first phase, the Libra Exchange will support a number of top currencies based on (  BNB XRP TRC ETH etc ). The users will be able to buy-sell their favorite coins on the Libra exchange using the Libra coin or a supported fiat currency with a bank account.

Expected Launch: Q6 of 2021

The Libra E-commerce (Online Shop)

Libra is also developing and will soon launch a dedicated online shop for the ecosystem participants. The Libra E-shop will allow merchants to list their products on the platform and accept payments securely using the Libra coin and other ETH-based coins.

Libra e-commerce is a blockchain-based online store where you can buy-sell things from the comfort of your home and using your ETH coins. All the transactions on the platform will be direct between the users and backed by a robust support system.

Libra will also allow third-party e-commerce platforms and merchants to integrate this readily available solution through API into their own systems to accept easy & secure payments from their global customers using the cryptocurrencies of their choice.

Expected Launch: Late 2021

About the Libra Ecosystem

For those who are new, Libra Ecosystem is a multi-dimensional blockchain system for the e-commerce industry and small businesses. The platform will host a number of advanced solutions intended to help resolve the ongoing challenges of the e-commerce industry such as high transaction cost, centralized control, limited & costly payment options, complex supply chain, and lack of transparency.

At the same time, the Libra platform will also allow entrepreneurs and businesses to seek and manage investments.

You can read all about the Libra project, future goals, products, and roadmap in the Libra Ecosystem whitepaper at

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