Libra Ecosystem Launches Multi-Level Referral Lifetime Income Program – Here’s All You Need to Know

Libra Ecosystem Launches Multi-Level Referral Lifetime Income Program

The Libra Ecosystem has recently launched a dedicated referral program for its users and ecosystem participants. This is a multilevel referral system where users get rewarded for every step in the referral tree. Here’s all you need to know about the Libra Ecosystem Referral program along with the easy process to join it.

What is Libra Multi-Level Referral Lifetime Income Program?

A referral program is a system where you can earn free rewards or money through commission for every person you refer to join the program.

The Libra referral system works more or less the same. For every successful referral, i.e. for every person who joins the Libra platform and buys the Libra coin using your unique referral link, you’ll get a bonus.

Now, unlike other platforms that offer referral benefits only for direct referrals, this one is a multi-level referral program, where you’ll get benefits not just for people who you directly refer to join the platform but also for the ones who are referred by your referrals. Basically, you are rewarded for building a network of referrals.

The Libra Ecosystem Referral Program Structure is as follows:

– Every user who registers on the Libra Platform through a referral link and buys 100 or more Libra Coin will also receive 25% bonus tokens.

– Earn a 15% bonus when people you invite register on the website and buy the Libra coin (minimum 100 LC) from the platform.

– Earn an additional 10% bonus when people invited by your friends register buy the libra coin (minimum 100 LC) from the platform.

– Earn another 5% bonus when people invited by your friend’s friend buy the libra coin (minimum 100 LC) from the platform.

Terms & Conditions:

  • A user must buy a minimum 100 tokens (LC) in order to become eligible for the referral bonus. No referral bonus shall be applicable if the minimum purchase condition is not met.
  • A user must sign up with a valid referral link in order to be eligible for the 25% bonus.

Basically, you earn bonus coins every time one of your referrals or their referrals makes a purchase on the Libra platform.

Another point to note here is that the referral benefits under this program are applicable for a lifetime, which means once you have referred a person to join and trade on the Libra platform, you’ll get paid every time they perform a trade using the Libra Coin, without a limit or exception.

How to Join the Libra Referral Program

Sign up for the best crypto referral program on the internet in 3 easy steps:

1. Register at

Sign up on the website and verify your email address.

2. Find your unique referral link

Log in to the website and go to the dashboard to find and copy your unique referral link under the referral program. Share this link with your friends & family on Whatsapp, social media and other means, asking them to register on through the link.

3. Get paid

For every user who signs up on the website using your referral link and buys a minimum 100 LC tokens, you’ll get 15% bonus LC for direct referrals, 10% bonus tokens for second referrals and 5% bonus tokens for third-level referrals.

Every person who registers through your referral link and buys 100 LC or more will get 25% bonus LC tokens.

Bonus coins will be added directly to your Libra wallet after a successful transaction.

About Libra Ecosystem

The Libra Ecosystem is a blockchain-based e-commerce system that provides a platform for building next-gen decentralized applications (DApps), smart contracts, etc. exclusively for the benefit of the e-commerce industry. The platform aims to create & launch multiple solutions, including a global digital payment system, intended to solve the various challenges of the traditional e-commerce system.

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