Libra Coin Listed on the Vindax Exchange, Start Trading Today!

Libra Coin Listed on Vindax Exchange

At Libra Ecosystem, we have managed to achieve significant growth since our foundation in 2019. We are continuously growing along with our investors, partners and users. In the last one year, we have successfully developed our coin, which is now actively trading on a number of top exchanges, partnered with some really good investors and are in full-force developing the Libra platform and functionalities.

In the latest updates, the Libra Coin has now been listed on the popular Vindax exchange, where it is available for trading against ETH and a number of Ethereum-based tokens.

Here’s why LC listing on Vindax is a big deal:

Vindax ( is one of the leading crypto exchanges that provide startups and token developers a global platform for launching and showcasing their revolutionary ideas. 

Vindax is also arguably the least expensive crypto exchange in the world, in terms of trading fee. As of current, the general trading fee is only 0.05% per transaction, which is among the lowest in the crypto market. While the easy launch process of Vindax enables many startups to launch their futuristic tokens/projects easily on the platform, the low transaction fee allows crypto investing beginners to start their investing journey on the exchange and make more profits compared to other exchanges.

The Libra Coin has been listed on the Vindax exchange for the purpose of trading, which is expected to help increase the reach of the Libra coin, give potential users more places to invest & trade their favorite coin and maintain a healthy market circulation of the coin. At present, LC can be traded in exchange for ETH on the Vindax exchange. More trading pairs will be added soon.

Start Trading Libra Coin here

In order to start trading on the Vindax exchange, a user must have a trader account on the platform. You can create one now using the Register option given on the website. After that, you can verify your KYC, which will increase your withdrawal limit to up to 100 BTC in 24 hours. Now, you can start trading the LC-ETH pair, i.e. buy/sell LC for ETH.

If you are looking to buy Libra Coin, you must have ETH in your Vindax wallet. You can add ETH easily using any supported wallet account. Once added, you can start buying.

The Vindax exchange platform also has a referral program, which users can participate in to earn extra tokens by referring their friends to join the platform. For every successful referral, a user can earn up to 90% commission. To participate in the Vindax Referral Campaign, go to your profile and clean on the Referral Program option. To start earning, share your unique referral link with your friends and ask them to join using the link.

Also, there is an information portal of the Vindax exchange, where you can find information about the various tokens, including the Libra Coin, listed on the exchange platform.

So, what are you waiting for? Start trading LC-ETH today.

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