How Crypto will be the Biggest Wealth-generator in 2022

How Crypto will be the Biggest Wealth-generator in 2022

The number of crypto users and investors around the world is growing at an unprecedented rate, with Indian being the leader in terms of global crypto adoption rate. In 2021 alone, the country saw a 300%+ increase in the number of crypto users who are now trading or buying digital currencies in India. At the same time, global crypto acceptance has also significantly improved over the last couple of years.

Buy, what is the reason for this unprecedented growth in crypto popularity? Why are so many people investing in crypto? Well, one of the primary reasons is the crypto’s ability to multiply your investment, sometimes over 100 times (in bitcoin and other volatile coins) in considerably short periods. This is, in fact, the main reason why millions of people have moved to cryptocurrencies in the last year as other traditional markets are not performing particularly well owing to the crypto pandemic.

According to Mark Yusko, CEO and founder of Morgan Creek Capital, crypto is fueling the Internet of Value, which has a much bigger potential to make people money, even more than the internet itself. Let’s find out why he thinks so and how crypto will be a bigger money-maker than the internet for investors this year and beyond.

The success of technology is linked with the infrastructure

One thing that we can learn from the success of major technology companies like Google and Apple is that they had the great infrastructure to support their ideas and developments. So, it would be difficult for any company to get success in the market with the right and proper infrastructure. And the reason why blockchain will get success is that it comes with built-in infrastructure. In a way, blockchain is contributing to developing the next version of the internet by offering a platform to build advanced products including dApps, NFTs, cryptocurrencies and DAOs. Not only will this new ecosystem be bigger in value than the internet itself but also likely offer an overall more powerful wealth generation system.

Bitcoin is the ultimate hedge fund

Given the outstanding growth of bitcoin over the years, it won’t be wrong to say that it is the perfect hedge fund for anyone looking to mitigate their risk from traditional markets. In 2020 and this year, when most of the traditional assets and markets were going down due to the fears imposed by the coronavirus pandemic, cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoin, continued performing well and making money for investors. In fact, bitcoin achieved its all-time-high price this year, despite the slowdown in other markets, which makes it a perfect hedge fund for risk management.

And the most important thing is that the blockchain network has been constantly gaining value ever since it was first launched in 2009-10, no matter the price of the cryptocurrencies. So, if it’s a genuine cryptocurrency that offers real value to users, its price will eventually increase with time. Take the example of the Libra Coin. It’s an altcoin created only a couple of years ago yet it has achieved more than 100% growth in a very short period because investors know and trust in it and also because it offers great value to the holders.

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