Libra Ecosystem Christmas and New Year Bonus Offer (Win Up to 100% bonus LC tokens)

Christmas and New Year Bonus Offer

The festive season is here, and so are the offers. On the occasion of Christmas & New Year, Libra Ecosystem brings you an amazing bonus offer that you simply can’t refuse.

What’s the Libracoin Festive Bonus offer?

Anyone who invests or makes a purchase worth a minimum of $25 in LC (Libracoin) during the offer period will automatically become eligible to get bonus LC tokens in rewards. The more you invest, the bigger the bonus reward you’ll get.

  • For investment between $25 – $50 USD -> 15% bonus LC tokens
  • Invest $51 – $100 USD -> Get 25% bonus LC tokens
  • Invest $101 – $500 USD -> Get 65% bonus LC tokens
  • Invest $501 – $1000 USD -> Get 85% bonus LC tokens
  • Invest $1000+ -> Get 100% bonus LC tokens

LC Token price: $0.25 USD

Anyone who invests $1000 or above, or buys more than 4000 LC tokens during the offer period, will get 4000 bonus LC tokens, i.e. 8000 LC tokens in total.

What’s the offer period?

From December 25, 2020 to January 10, 2021.

Any token purchases between the 25th of December and the 10th of January shall be eligible for the contest.

Buy LC Tokens from here:

Who is eligible for the Libra Coin Christmas & New Year Contest?

Anyone who buys Libracoin worth a minimum of $25 USD between the offer period is eligible to participate in the contest.

What does the buyer get?

All buyers who are eligible for the offer or make a minimum purchase worth $25 USD during the offer period will get bonus LC tokens according to the offer terms mentioned above.

About Libra Ecosystem & Libra Coin

The Libra Ecosystem is a blockchain-powered eCommerce revolution that aims to help e-commerce & small businesses grow with an easy, convenient and affordable digital payment system that is more secure & efficient than any traditional payment method. At the same time, it helps small businesses find & trade with potential investors in a transparent, peer-to-peer manner.

The Libra Coin is the native cryptocurrency of the Libra Ecosystem that also powers the digital/blockchain payment system of the platform. To know more visit the official website:

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