Announcing the Libra Airdrop Program Round 2. Win Guaranteed 25 LC Coins

Libra Airdrop Program 2

Inspired by the huge success of the Libra Airdrop program launched earlier, we are proud to bring the Libra Airdrop Program Round 2. This gives you the unique chance to win free 25 LC coins easily by following a simple process.

What is Libra Airdrop Program Round 2?

The Libra Airdrop Program is a token giveaway campaign, where we distribute free LC (Libra Coins) to our loyal customers in exchange for their efforts.

The first Airdrop program, which was started earlier this year, turned out to be immensely successful. Now, we are proud to announce the Libra Airdrop Program Round 2, which rewards handsomely to anyone who successfully completes a simple questionnaire.

To know how it works and how to get free 25 LC coins, keep reading.

What is the purpose of Libra Airdrop Program Round 2?

The primary purpose of this airdrop program is to reward our loyal customers for their helpful contribution to the community and the project. Other goals include:

  • Getting more people to join the Libra Ecosystem (Register on the website and trade).
  • Increase the following and engagement on the Libra social channels.
  • Find out the user opinion for the best exchanges to list the Libra Coin next.
  • Invite valuable feedback from our esteemed users on how we are doing and where we should try to improve.
  • Get more people to join and trade on the Libra platform through referrals.

So, now that the purpose of this Libra Airdrop Program Round 2 is clear, let’s move on to the next big things.

How to join the Libra Airdrop Program Round 2 and win 25 LC Coins

Are you ready to join the next revolution in the blockchain industry? Are you looking to invest in a next-gen blockchain system that rewards its users? Then, you must know about the Libra airdrop program

Follow these simple steps to join the Libra Airdrop Program Round 2 and win assured 25 LC coins:

Step 1: Visit the Airdrop Page

Visit the following link to access the Airdrop Form.

Step 2: Fill the Airdrop Form

1. Sign up on the website

Visit the link and register an account on the Libra website to get started. Visit your dashboard to check your wallet and coins.

2. Like and follow official social media accounts of the LibraEcosystem.

Visit the following links. Like our Facebook page and follow to receive updates. Follow the Libra Twitter handle to stay updated with news. Subscribe to the Libra YouTube channel to get notified of our new videos and watch them to know more about the Libra Ecosystem. Follow us on Reddit. Follow our Telegram handle and join the channel to discuss the project with the Libra community.

3. Suggest the Crypto Exchanges where we should list next.

The Libra Coin is already listed on a couple of exchanges, including the Vindax exchange. Tell us where you would like our coin to be listed next. Suggest your preferred crypto exchanges here.

4. Provide your valuable feedback on how we are doing (the project, the coin, etc.).

In the next column, provide your valuable feedback about the Libra project, the coin, the team, the support you’ve received, and other things. Let us know how we are doing and where we need to improve.

5. Refer this project to your friends. Suggest their name/s here.

Use your unique referral link (available on the Libra account dashboard) to invite your friends, colleagues, etc. to join the Libra Ecosystem. Suggest the names of your friends here to win exciting referral awards and free coins.

Step 3: Submit the Form

Once you have successfully completed the form, submit it. Our team will verify the details and check your form. You’ll receive your reward coins (25 LC) in your dashboard within 24 hours.
Visit to know more about the Libra Ecosystem and project.

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