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The Libra Ecosystem is a blockchain-based platform built for providing solutions to current problems and for the betterment of eCommerce businesses. It will help businesses to find investors, vendors to generate more revenue, and users perform cross-border e-commerce transactions through cryptocurrency in a safe environment. The Platform will utilize Libra Coins and Libra Wallets.

It will also provide more payment options, especially Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies, and also provide guidance and resources to add these advanced payment options into current eCommerce business models. The Libra Ecosystem will also keep data secure with Decentralized Systems and also try to lower the prices while keeping vendors in profit.

Libra Ecommerce

The Libra Ecosystem project has been created with a focus on solving the various challenges of the e-commerce industry and to provide a blockchain-based solution for e-commerce operators, dealers and customers to conveniently and securely make/accept digital payments globally.

Traditional e-commerce systems lack access to advanced payment methods like cryptocurrencies and are prone to many other issues such as huge competition, high middleman cost, lack of data security, high complexity, and fraudulent actors.

The integration of blockchain into existing e-commerce systems will not only make global payments faster and more cost-efficient but also it can make the entire e-commerce supply chain more efficient by streamlining operations like tracking, order management, customs and payments. At the same time, Libra blockchain can also be used for other related services including identity verification, fundraising and investment management, etc.

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Libra Coin has already been listed and is being actively traded on top exchanges such as We also soon plan to launch our own DEX (decentralized exchange).

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Product​ development​Roadmap

The product development deadline may not be final and is subject to change based on feedback received from our initial customers.


Q1. Research and Development
Q2. Team build up
Q3. Coin Design & Analysis
Q4. Develop White paper


Q1. Platform development begins, Beta release
Q2. Smart Contrat Implementation
Q3. Event integration begins,
Q4. Libra sale planning
Q5. Ecosystem Distribute Coin
Q6. Listing on exchange


Q1 Libra Coin Public Sales
Q2 Listing on XT Exchange
Q3 Migration from (ERC-20) To (BEP-20) due to high gas fees
Q4 Launching the Blockchain R&D Centre
Q5 Launching Online E-Shop


Q1 Launching Libra to Fiat exchange
Q2 Launching Finance Solutions App
Q3 Release of Libra's Credit Card
Q4 Launching Libra Loan
Q5 Launching Libra's ATM Machine
Q6 Launch wallet and exchange for iOS & android
Q7 Launch Libra QR code payment system

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Libra Coin is already being traded and used by thousands of users. The coin value has nearly doubled in only a few months since its launch.

  • 20K+Registered Users
  • 13K+TG Group Users
  • 30K+Users on Website

Frequently Asked Questions

The Libra ecosystem is built on blockchain technology, it provides a secure, scalable, and reliable base so that anyone can utilize it to create something unique with all the wow factors. The outcome can be used by billions of people. Libra Ecosystem is focused on the betterment of Ecommerce, It will take care of an eCommerce business from start to end. Whether it is a lack of Investors and Financial service, or digital payment modes and revenue, Libra Ecosystem will improve every part of the eCommerce sector. Our Main Aim is to include cryptocurrency as a trustable mode of payment in eCommerce. Along with it, the wallet and Libra Coin will make payment and conversion of currencies easy and fast.
Other companies are taking steps in a particular part of the eCommerce business model. Libra is aiming to be supportive of each and every part of the eCommerce business model. So it will create a trustable environment for sellers and users. The integration process is easy and it is fruitful for all while keeping the costing as low as possible.
Libra Ecosystem will add Cryptocurrency based Payment gateway in the eCommerce Platform, it will have a lower fee than other Payment Gateways. The integration will help the seller to earn more and also while keeping the price of goods or services as low as possible. With the trust rating, it will improve the trust of the user on the platform and the products. With fast and secure payment gateways, it will provide greater speed and efficiency. With good marketing and better opportunities, it will attract more visitors and more investors.
A Coin sale is also known as an initial coin offering (Ecosystem), It is a limited period of sale of a predefined / targeted number of crypto Coins or coins to the public. It takes place in exchange for major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ether.
As per our Road-map, the Libra Ecosystem sales will start from last Quarter of 2020, Our target is 2,000,000,000 Coins, Soft Cap is 10% and Additional time if the soft cap is reached the user will get 120h.
There are a number of benefits to the Libra ecosystem. Some of them are
  • The ultimate solution for businesses suffering from no investor.
  • Lower fee than other Payment Gateways.
  • Offering Cryptocurrency as a Payment Option is Easier than Ever
  • Attract New Customers
  • It's Internationally Accepted
  • Better opportunity and revenue generation strategy for sellers/ vendors.
  • Secure transactions and safe data.
  • Decentralized system.
  • Currency conversation is easy.
  • Lower cost of product or services due to the lower transaction fee.
  • Profitable for each and every party engaged on the platform.
  • A trustable blockchain ecosystem, etc.

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